• Is Buckwheat actually wheat?

    Absolutely not! Despite its name, buckwheat is not wheat. It’s closely related to Rhubarb and carries many similar health benefits to rhubarb!

  • Where can I find Buckwheat?

    We are continually expanding our selling locations here

  • Does Buckwheat Tea contain caffeine?

    No! Our product is 100% caffeine-free, so you can enjoy it at any time of the day without staying awake all night long.

  • Are your products gluten-free?

    All of our products are gluten-free, that’s one of the reasons why we started Buteco. Despite the name, buckwheat doesn’t contain wheat and has nothing in common with it, it is considered to be a seed.

  • What makes your tea clean?

    Our one and only ingredient used is an Organic Tartary Buckwheat, which of course contains NO GMOs, NO Soy Lecithin, NO Gluten, NO Sugar.

  • Is your product Organic?

    Yes, our tea Certified Organic by the USDA Organics, as well as all of our partners implement Fair Trade practices at their workplace.

  • Can I consume Buckwheat Tea while pregnant?

    Yes, buckwheat tea is totally safe for mums to be, pregnant or breastfeeding!